Review Form

First Name / Business Name: Amy and Kevin
Town: EssexCounty
Project(s) Done:Kitchen in our new house
Reviews: We really stretched our budget to do our kitchen but when when we compared Birchcraft to other cabinets we saw, we felt our money was well invested. We'll have to wait a while to make other improvements to the house, but the kitchen was important to me and we've been told by our realtor that we can expect to get that money back when we sell. This house will be our home for just a few years because as our family grows we will need a larger home. We'll enjoy this house now and recover our investment when it's time to move on.

First Name / Business Name: Gregg O'Brian
Town: Gloucester County
Project(s) Done:My Mother's kitchen
Reviews:Sincere thanks for helping my mother with her kitchen renovations when I couldn't be there. I know she felt comfortable with you and everyone in your organization. I'll be moving back to New Jersey in the next few months and I want to say thank you in person. Until then, I want you to know your help and kindness was invaluable.

First Name / Business Name: Lisa W.
Town: Livingston
Project(s) Done:Kitchen
Reviews:I knew exactly what design theme I wanted for my new kitchen... A sleek, contemporary look in a rich walnut wood with a quartz countertop and slate tile backsplash. Even thoughI knew what I wanted I didn't know how to put the elements together BUT I knew where to get help. The Carlsons use cabinetry by a company called Birchcraft...they are beautiful...Carolyn selected some unusual tile and counter options to save me the leg work of shopping. I didn't do the renovation to impress my friends, I did it because I love to cook and I'm really good at it. But when my friends come over for a meal, we eat in the kitchen to enjoy the environment of the room AND my coq au vin.

First Name / Business Name: The Allenn family
Town: Morris County
Project(s) Done:Partial kitchen renovation
Reviews: With two boys starting college this fall, we really couldn't do a complete kitchen renovation but the room needed a facelift. We worked with the Carlsons previously so we asked them to see what could be done on our budget. We chose counters, backsplash tile, and a fresh coat of paint based on their recommendations. Withthepurchase of a new refrigerator, the room looked so nice! I can live happily in t his kitchen until all of our kids are educated. Then, I'll get a whole new kitchen...10 years from now!!!

First Name / Business Name: Kevin L., Jr.
Town: Essex County,N. J.
Project(s) Done:Kitchen
Reviews:To say it quickly, we are more than pleased with the investment we made in our kitchen renovation. We could have spent less but, we wouldn't have a kitchen worthy of our fine old home that has been in my family since 1897. We hope to pass the house to our children one day and I know they will treasure it , too. We send our sincere thanks for your workmanship and the generous giving of your time

First Name / Business Name: L. J. stenhouse
Town: Essex County
Project(s) Done:Kitchen
Reviews:I live alone and it was time I did something to bring the kitchen of my century-old house into the 21st century. I didn't know where to begin and I had neither the time nor the inclination to shop for cabinets, appliances, et al. I'd rather be sailing, frankly, so I contacted Ed Carlson on the advice of a colleague. Ed took control of the project, filtered-out the products he thought were best for me, oversaw all of the trades in his group and handed me the key when the job was done. So easy! My master bath needs updating now and I know just where to go for help

First Name / Business Name: Marion L. R.
Town: Livingston
Project(s) Done:Complete renovation.
Reviews:My friends always tell me I have rather quirky taste in decorating my home and I think they're probably right. when I decided to finally re-do my kitchen I wanted someone to guide me to ideas and materials that showed creativity....not the run-of- the mill selections that are seen everywhere in varying degrees of quality. I saved for and I hoped for a special kitchen that felt like it belonged in my house and belonged to ME and that's just what I have! I am grateful for the Carlsons' help and guidance. Yours gratefully, Marion

First Name / Business Name: Catherine and Tim W.
Town: Florham Park
Project(s) Done:Kitchen re-do
Reviews:My husband is the cook in the family and wanted an updated kitchen for a long, long time but I was reluctant because I feared the disruption a renovation would cause in our daily life. With much trepidation we started to think seriously and then took the big step toward the project when an acqaintance suggested we call Ed Carlson. It is now just a few months after the initial showroom visit and my husband is the happy user of our new kitchen and I am the beneficiary of his culinary skills. What more could a wife want!!!

First Name / Business Name: Mrs P.J.N.
Town: Morris County and Monmouth County
Project(s) Done:remodelling kitchens and bathrooms, building bookcases.
Reviews:Kitchen Design by Ed Carlson has done work in several of my homes; including remodeling kitchens and bathrooms and building bookcases in my family room. Their work was nothing short of stellar in every way. Ed insures the use of the best quality materials, their craftsmanship is impeccable, and work was completed on time. Carolyn is a talented and helpful planner, not only because she has such a good design eye but she also instinctively recognizes their clients own vision of their projects. She is anxious to show the newest materials and ideas in the marketplace so that your kitchen or bath looks updated and fresh. My guests are always envious of our remodeling projects, not only because they are so beautiful, but the work has been finished quickly. Thank you Carlsons!